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It's funny how sometimes when you have developed a great passion, and looking back on how it all started, the beginning was a small insignificant event.  Not a great revelation that knocks you off your feet, but a small, quiet occurrence, maybe even a slow process that brings you to the thing that you feel most strongly about - the thing you love to do the most.  Such is the case with the music and me.  The small, insignificant event was sneaking into my sister's room and picking up her guitar that was lying on the bed.  The journey began at that point and continues to this day.  What started as a small seed has grown into something that has consumed my life in many ways.

The musical road has wound many places, from Colorado to Montana via Arizona, to Shetland,  England and Germany several times.  Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada  and all over the north American continent.   The road isn't paved, so the occasional bump is to be expected, but the smooth stretches are frequent and long.  There have been many late nights.  There have been some absolutely amazing musical experiences, both as a spectator and a participant.  The notes have gone into the air and vanished, leaving only an intense memory of what just happened. 

I've  played in nationally recognized bands, and I've played in bands that had so few gigs (like 2) that they barely deserved even naming. I've had the honor to play music with many of my heroes and can list them among my friends. I hope that I've inspired a few  folks as well. I've traveled to England and Canada to teach guitar at music camps,  received critical acclaim for my singing, songwriting and guitar playing  both with Kane's River and The Growling Old Men - a mandolin/guitar duo with Ben Winship.  Several different bands/groups have recorded my songs, which I am very grateful for - having someone like a song that you've written enough to go to the trouble to learn it and record it is the ultimate compliment.  I've been compared to some of the finest guitarists around, and I've  been compared to a ham sandwich.  Enough horn blowing.

The journey thus far has been a blast.  The people I've met, the places I've been and seen, the interesting and often very funny situations I've found myself in are just gravy on top of the music I've been privileged to play, and the people I've had the honor to play it with.  I hope that someday that you, the reader and I will have the pleasure of sharing one of these musical experiences together, be it through a recording or better yet, in person.



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