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"Lowell's flatpicking guitar technique ranks among the cleanest and most lyrical you'll hear.  Sure, he can play a lot of notes, but he never uses more notes than needed to complete a musical phrase"
-Vintage Guitar Magazine-

"Lowell's flatpicking is solid and fresh.  His sound is his own and his arrangements fit the songs perfectly"
-Flatpicking Guitar Magazine-

"Instrumentally, Lowell's guitar work captures the ear most..."
-Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine-

"Lowell and Winship both are talented pickers whose sequential and simultaneous improvisations sound like the work of a single consciousness."
-Music Matters Review-

"Lowell's guitar style is easy going and sweetly melodic..."
-Acoustic Guitar Magazine-

"And John's guitar on this cut is exceptional.  His solo is clean, crisp, and hard driving, yet smooth and tonefull all at once.  That's no easy thing to accomplish on an acoustic guitar.
-Flatpicking Guitar Magazine-

"Lowell has developed a reputation as an accomplished guitarist, strong vocalist and excellent songwriter.  His songs are showing up with increasing regularity on the Bluegrass charts and are being recorded by a number of contemporary  bands"
-Lively times magazine-

"Lowell is a solid guitar player, whether playing rhythm, picking lead, or backing up a song..."
-Dirty Linen Magazine-

"Knock it off, Dad.  You're so annoying"
-Hillary Lowell-

"Hey, how come Hillary got a quote on here, and I didn't?"
  -Kathleen Lowell-

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