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I'll Start Again

Standing at the window watching rain come pouring down
Though yesterday was warm it's getting cold
It reminds me of the love we had when you were still around
But love was something we could never hold

It used to be the sun would shine upon us every day
We never cared what lay around each bend
But now that we have grown apart, the skies have turned to grey
And I'm left here all alone to start again

Oh they tell me love is blind, they say it's hard to find
But we've been together long enough to read between the lines
So now here at the end, I'll dry my eyes and then
Pick myself up and I'll start again

Now that it's all over dear, and I am on my own
To pick the pieces up the best I can
I'll remember all the good times back before it all went wrong
And I was left here all alone to start again


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