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Angus MacKenzie

My name is Angus MacKenzie, Oer the raging Atlantic I've come
Hang your hat on a nail and I'll tell you my  tale
I promise you won't tarry long.  Wont' you listen to the words of my song

I left the shores of dear Scotland on a clipper ship bound to the west
the last of 4 sons, I was foolish and young
To the plains of Wyoming I pressed.  Adventure was the dram I loved best

Now  I'm spending my life chasing cattle, for a man that I never have known
And all he will pay is a dollar a day
I haven't a place to call home.  All the days of my youth now  have flown


In the dust and the heat of the Summer, through the breaks and the badlands I ride
And when the winter wind blows it cuts clear through my bones
I feel like I'm frozen inside.  and there is nae a place I can hide

And at night when I gaze at the fire, it's the Highlands I have on my mind
and a girl back at home, before I started to roam
Only now that I'm old do I find, that I left all I love there behind

When I dream now I always hear voices, crying "Laddie, won't you come on back home"
How  I long to return but the wages I earn
As a cowpuncher won't let me go.  I'll die in the saddle I know
I'll die in the saddle I know.

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