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Where The Heart Is

Another day has come and gone, and I am going home
The life I lead can sometimes make me feel I'm all alone
I've been out on the road so long I don't know where I've been
And 12 more days from now I'll be out on the road again

Playing this old guitar for a living in a band
Means endless days of driving, cheap hotels and one night stands
People come to listen to the music that we play
But my mind is in another place, a thousand miles away

The windows glow so warmly as I come on down the road
The happy smiles that greet me let me shed my weary load
Home is where the heart is and I know that it is true
That nothing can replace the ones that give their love to  you

Music in a bluegrass band is what I love to play
But I wish that I could do it here, and not so far away
A tender touch, a gentle smile is what I long to see
And the little ones that call me Daddy mean the world to me.



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