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Jerusalem's Choir

Forty some years I've been walking the line
Swinging this hammer in a cold, dark mine
I'd like to say that I'm doing fine
But I'm just getting older and tired

I work down here but I can't ever leave
Black hole, black heart, black air that I breathe
But I'll see the light on the day I'm received
And I'm singing in Jerusalem's Choir

Oh good Lord when my time's at hand
Carry me home up to the Promised Land
I want to play in the angel band
I want to sing in Jerusalem's Choir

When I was young and the preacher come around
Making his circuit through the mining towns
he'd say "Good people, can't you hear the sound
Of the angels in Jerusalem's Choir?'

I've been told, yes I've heard it said
When they call your name on the rolls of the dead
You'll be judged by the life you've lead
Better choose between Heaven and fire.


So I'll keep digging in this deep dark hole
Till the trumpets sound and the thunder rolls
then the good Lord, He's going to take my soul
And I'll be singing in Jerusalem's Choir


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