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Don't Be Late For Supper

The old man sat in a hickory chair, silently a-rockin'
He took a sip from a mason jar and then commenced to talkin'

He said I've sailed the ocean blue, I've worked in fields of cotton
And this advice I have for you should not be soon forgotten

Pick up your things, don't feed the cat be you a saint or sinner
Love your wife, do what's right and don't be late for dinner

When you're a guest at someone's house and sit down at the table
Enjoy the friendship and the meal, be glad that you are able

You may be down to your last dime or your crust it may be upper
No matter who you are make sure that you're not late for supper

Our time on earth is all too short and life is surely fleeting
So don't be shy and dig right in when it comes down to eating

Your meal may be a bowl of soup that smells like old paint thinner
Who cares what's on the menu son, just don't be late for dinner




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