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Let 'Er Go


Back in those Great Depression boys, when I was 24
Work was hard to come by and everyone was poor
Except for Simon Howard who increased his bottom line
With men who dug his money from the bottom from the bottom of his mine

Shored up with rotten timbers with air too think to breathe
Men risked their live each day for every penny he could squeeze
12 hours in that hell hole and then 12 hours off
Broken backs, broken pride and a deadly miner's cough

The whistle blew  one morning, 32 went underground
then from deep below  there came an awful moaning sound

Feel the earth a-trembling boys, the tunnel's caving in
A hard rock miner in a hole never seems to win
Up above, at his desk in an air conditioned room
Simon Howard spoke the words that sent them to their doom

Let 'er go, let 'er go
There ain't no point in rescue
Let 'er go, let 'er go
You might as well forget them

The mine shut down forever, Simon Howard moved away
Our grey and dingy town slid even further towards decay
Wives without their husbands, little children with no dad
Left houses standing empty and took the few  things that they had

As for me, I stuck around.  I had no place to go
I couldn't feel the summer heat or the freezing winter snow
Then 10 years to the day as in some perfect grand design
A silhouette came slinking to the mouth of this old mine

Simon Howard stood alone, a suitcase in his hand
He turned to leave but things don't always go just how they're planned

Welcome back old Simon, we're so glad you finally came
We save a place down in this mine, a spot that has your name
So take our hand, step right in and try to right that wrong
now there'll be 33 of us to sing your awful song

Let 'er go, let 'er go
There ain't no point in rescue
Let 'er go, let 'er go
u'll be down here forever


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