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This Little Town

There are daffodils blooming out by the front stairs
And the sweet smell of lilacs seems to hang in the air
And all through the oak trees,
sunlight makes shadows that dance on the ground
Another spring day is well on it's way in this little town

He leaves the house early and he walks to his store
He flips the sign in the window and sweeps the old wooden floor
Then day after day
He puts on a smile for the folks coming round
That's just what you do, especially when you live in this little town

Oh but late in the evening when he's all by himself
He takes down the picture that sits on the shelf
He still hears her voice, remembers her touch as he slowly sits down
Some day he'll be with her and won't have to live in this little town

He thinks of the old days, when they were still young
And the best times together were still yet to come
But early last winter
The angels came calling and soon he had found
It's not much like home when you're living alone in this little town

There are daffodils blooming out by the front stairs
And the robins are singing, but he doesn't care
Because it's easier knowing
They'll be together up there in the end
When his race is run, Spring will have come, it starts over again


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