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The Meadow Way Back In The Hills

If you go past the outskirts of my home town
Down a foot trail that winds by the mill
There's a place that I'll always hold dear in my heart
And I smile when I think of it still
It's a meadow way back in the hills

As a lad I would go there in the morning light
And I'd stay till I had to go home
The sunlight would sparkle through leaves on the trees
While the creek tumbled over the stones
It's the best place a boy could have known

There were fish in the water to catch if you pleased
There were big rocks to climb on and skin up your knees
And at times when the world gets too heartless and cold
I know where time can stand still
In the meadow way back in the  hills

I'd while away summer days happy and free
Doing battle with pirates and spies
but days turned to years and I drifted away
Only later did I realize
How I missed the green grass and blue skies

Now I'm a grown up and I have to live
With mortgages, traffic, and bills
But I know I can get my feet back on the ground
When I find a few hours to kill
In the meadow way back in the hills


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