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Pray For Rain

It's the thirteenth of November and I cross another day
Off the calendar that hangs there by the door
A silent witness to the lonely life that I have made
Where every passing hour is just like the one before

When love is new it shines like sparkling diamonds in the sun
Like morning dew upon the leaves of gold
But if it is neglected it will slowly fade away
And leave you there with nothing but a heart that's sad and cold

I know that you are gone because of things I didn't do
You left because of things I didn't say
The nights are getting longer and there's no one else to blame
For sending all my bridges up in flames
And there's nothing left to do but pray for rain

At first I didn't realize just how far we'd grown apart
Our sunny skies reduced to shades of grey
I thought that I was falling out of love with you and so
I heard but didn't listen to the things you had to say

But no man is an island, or so the saying goes
And a house that has no love is not a home
Life without you has got to be the hardest thing I've done
And if you can forgive me we won't have to be alone.


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