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The Rhythm Of The Wheels

Another dusty sun is slowly rising,
Burning orange & crimson through the haze
Along the empty street, I slowly drag my feet
Down to the place where I spend my days

To the Lucky Star Fuel and Service Station
Where I fill a tank with freedom now and then
The cars that pull in here gas up and then they disappear
I know they won't be back again

Bobby took a job down at the foundry
We've been the best of friends since we were three
With two kids and a wife, He'll have that job for life
This isn't how we thought that life would be

When we were young we'd sit down by the rail yard
And talk of all the places we would go
The years have slipped on by, but it's not too late to try
And so tonight when I hear that whistle blow

It's goodbye to a town that's going nowhere
And hello to the dreams I thought had died
Riding on old number 9, past the city limit sign
Flying down that highway made of steel
And singing to the rhythm of the wheels

I think about a girl I knew  in high school
Sometimes I wonder where she  is today
I remember when she said, that somewhere she had read
That life is good out in Santa Fe

So I'd like to see if she is out there somewhere
And not knowing, that's just part of the deal
I'm going to take that chance because it is my turn to dance
In time with the rhythm of the wheels


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