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My dearest mother, I know it's been years
Since I sent you a letter to quiet your fears
For the the fate of your son on the lawless Frontier
And to ask if you're well there in Richmond

When I came west at the end of the war
A man could get wealthy digging for ore
So I worked on a mining claim two years and four
But I never got much for my troubles

So tell the girls of the county to pin up their hair
Start making the pretty gowns they want to wear
To the ball that we'll throw just as soon as I'm there
For I want to come back home to Richmond

I was on my way home when my money ran short
So I stopped in Dakota at a cavalry fort
I'm employed as a mule skinner, and I report
To Custer of the 7th Division


We march in the morning on the Cheyenne and Sioux
But we won't be out long, just a month maybe two
And upon my return I will come back to you
And the beautiful hills around Richmond


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