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Sarah Hogan

Near the pine covered hills of South Dakota
When the evening stars are shining cold and clear
And the drovers tell their stories round the camp fire
The tale of Sarah Hogan you will hear

Sarah was the sweetest flower of the prairie
With flowing hair and blue eyes flecked with grey
Her smile could turn the sunshine into shadows
And the cowboys that came courting her would say

Won't you meet me in the moonlight Sarah Hogan?
We can ride out in the hills my Sarah dear
Hear that prairie wolf a'cryin, he sings a mournful song
But I will not be lonesome with you here

Billy Caldwell was a  bold and reckless cowboy
He vied for Sarah's heart, and not in vain
But her father could not stand the charming rounder
And forbade them both to ever meet again

Then Billy fell in with some bad men from Wyoming
When they robbed the Tilford bank, two men were killed
Sarah did not know her lover was an outlaw
On the night she rode to meet him in the hills


In the quiet shadows waiting for the outlaws
Were some vigilantes shrouded by the night
Sarah's Father raised a rifle to  his shoulder
As a mounted robber lined up in his sights

And when the gun shot tore the silence just like thunder
The bullet knocked the rider to the ground
But when the men ran out to fetch the fallen outlaw
It was Sarah's lifeless body that they found


(repeat ) I'll be all alone without you here

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