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Somewhere Down The Road

Get up boys, it's half past Eight, I don't know how we slept so late
Breakfast will just have to wait for somewhere down the road

So grab the banjo and your guitar, we'll load them in our old blue car
I hope the next gig is not too far, somewhere down the road

I'll take my turn behind the wheel, for a couple hours until I feel
I need to trade and by then we'll be somewhere down the road

A tank of gas and we're on our way, across the San Francisco Bay
Past the town of San Jose, somewhere down the road

Somewhere down the road I know another town is waiting
we'll sing our songs of love and how she left him all alone
But when the show  is over and the last few notes are fading
I find myself think about my home.....
Somewhere down the road

We find our way to the concert hall, I think we played here late last fall
We packed the place and we had a ball, out here on the road

See our name on the marquis sign, the lights come up and we feel fine
Pretty girls clap their hands in time as we sing "Down The Road"


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