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The Last To Know

I just found out this morning you're leaving me today
You're headed home to pack your clothes and then be on your way
I should have seen it coming, I guess I'm kind of slow
You put me down all over town and I'm the last to know

They say that you're not happy with the life that we have made
But you're the kind who'll never find contentment anyway
I hear that you've been cheatin' dear and now  you're set to go
So once again here at the end I'm still the last to know

The whole town's talking 'bout us baby
everybody knew  but me
But still I hope that someday maybe
You'll realize just how unwise it was to set me free

I've never had an easy time with you I must confess
I tried to keep you satisfied but I have failed the test
You'll find that what they say is true, you reap just what you sow
Your crops are in, they're looking thing but I'm the last to know

So if you're really leaving, then say your last goodbye
I won't be blue that we are through and here's the reason why
I'm working on replacing you, so as you turn to go
You'll see that I'm just doing fine and you're the last to know


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