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Velvet Western Sky

Headed down the road to Harlow
Two lane highway straight and long
Tires hum with a gentle rhythm
And help you write a traveling song

Two more days and then to Texas
First stop on a four day run
The Kerrville stage is waiting for you
Music in the noon day sun

So let's hear you play a fiddle tune
How  'bout the one called Black Eyed Susie
Underneath a lazy moon in a velvet western sky
It's a lonesome road you're traveling down
I wish I knew  where you are bound
Go on ahead to sing your songs
I'll meet you by and by

Life is cruel and life is gentle
We never know what it may bring
But one thing  that there is for certain
We don't have much time to sing


So go out there and play your music
Before the sun sets in the west
Get your fill of all that feeds you
Do the thing you love the best


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