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When Will You Be Home

It's one o'clock and here I am
I hope the phone won't ring
With a stranger's voice on the other end, and the news that it might bring
The news that it might bring

You wouldn't say just who you're with
And I don't know where you are
You would only say you were going out, and then you took my car
You took our only car

I can't win but not for lack of trying
my little bird who thinks that he's already flown
We need to talk without the shouting and the crying
So tell me please, please
When will you be  home?

Black and white and flashing lights
I see them in my dreams
In the shadows with a man in blue, you're always there it seems
Always there it seems

I don't know where I went wrong
Or if I even did
But I do know that you can't give up when you're trying to raise a kid
Bring up a troubled kid


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