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A World Far Beyond

I am old and I'm tired, soon I'll be gone
No one will know  when my soul travels on
The earth is my bed, my pillow a stone
I beg for my bread as I journey alone

My darling is gone, now I wander this world
Wherever I roam, I will still love that girl
I'm bound for the mountains in a land far away
And there I will spend the rest of my days

Screech owl that lives in an old hollow  tree
Cries in the darkness like he's crying for me
Whippoorwill calls in the black of the night
To the shadows that creep through the pallid moonlight

I will make my last home in the wood dark and cool
There I will lie by a dark silent pool
Don't you weep for me now, though soon I'll be gone
I will be with my love in a world far beyond


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