This Long Stretch of Gravel

Gravel cover-low res.jpg

1) Fergus County Jail 2) The Daydreamer's Waltz 3) Without You Being Here With Me 4) A World Far Beyond 5) New Phase Of The Moon 6) Velvet Western Sky/Black Eyed Susie 7) Ben Bullington Radio ID 8) Walking My Blues Away 9) The Last To Know 10) Jerusalem's Choir 11) Bodie 12) Good things Are Coming My Way

This recording is a collection of songs that I've written over the years - some are new, some are old, a couple I've recorded before with bands I was in at the time so I gave them different treatments here, but most of them have never been recorded at all. My previous solo CD in 2012 entitled "I Am Going To The West" was just that - a solo CD with just my guitar and me. This one started out to be a recording of all duets in an effort to build on a theme, but I kept hearing different instruments and voices in my head that I thought would sound good. Primarily, I felt I wanted a bass on these songs, and Missy Raines was the first person who came to mind so my duet idea was expanded just a bit - on many songs it's just Missy, me and one other person. On a few of them there are four of us, and a couple get the full band treatment.

Speaking of bands, one of the things that delights me about this recording is the musicians who are on it. Over the years, I've met, played music, and made friends with some of the best musicians in the business. I was pleased and honored when all of the folks that ended up lending their talents to my music, said yes when I asked them if they'd play on this recording (I didn't ask any guitarists to play on it though. I didn't want them showing me up!).


It's an eclectic mix of stuff on here. These folks are not all from the Bluegrass World - in addition to the standard bluegrass instruments, you'll hear piano, cello and tenor sax. I'm saving the didgeridoo for the next CD. I hope you enjoy it. Recording it was a labor of love.