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Welcome to my new website. Please take a moment and look around. 

2019 promises to be a great year with music camps in the US, England, Canada and Germany, plus tours in all of those countries.  I’m very excited about a new CD that I have coming out in 2019 as well that features several of my friends/heroes in the music industry that I’ve played music with over the years.


“When someone’s music is like an old friend and you’ve just met, that’s John Lowell’s gift,” said Bill Payne, legendary keyboardist and founder of Little Feat.


“John Lowell is a man at ease with himself. The musical terrain he occupies, whether his songs or others, is steeped in the tradition of storytelling. The combination of honesty and authenticity bolster the ease of the relationship between himself, his music, and his audience. John’s abilities as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and human being are inseparable. If you ever have the chance to meet him in person you’ll find his handshake is heartfelt, his smile genuine, and his quiet demeanor humble. He has a knowledge and respect for music that is as serious as a Montana winter but delivered with the grace and confidence of someone who has led the life of sharing what he loves. I respect him and am honored to call him a friend.”


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